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6 Practical Lessons in Artificial Intelligence Every Business Needs to Know

6 Practical Lessons in Artificial Intelligence Every Business Needs to Know Tuesday, May 14, 2019


If you look around at the digital landscape, chatbots and virtual assistants are now everywhere. Big tech companies like Google and Microsoft are providing virtual assistance on most of their devices. Several prominent leaders’ Bill gates & Elon musk are claiming that AI will take jobs from human and will possess significant harm to society. 

While I understand their apprehension, AI is not here to change the world for the worse. Smarter tools will simply represent the next stage of technology, both for human and company which they work


In this blog, we will inform you about AI that every future business needs to know. 

1. How to Identify True AI Solutions.

The fact is there are lots of fake AI that is being offered and lack of clarity about AI is one of the major reasons for this misconception. Mostly software Development Company is now offering AI-powered products & solutions. To identify who is genuine and who is providing packing limited code and truly intelligent codes. Companies must know how to identify the difference between the innovators and the claimants. Along with that, providing clear algorithmic policies and authentications is essential to protect the customer data and trust as an AI vendor. Before identifying the true AI solutions ask these questions- 

• How are your results authenticated?

• What are you addressed?

• What is your scholarship rate? 

You should also take advantage of the wealth of online information and resources available to make clear yourself with the basic concepts of AI.

2. How to Negotiate With an AI Vendor 

Companies that make true AI-powered products & offer immense value to their customers. But most enterprise doesn’t know what to buy. Too little investment can also kill the effectiveness of the solutions but also too much investment can leave the company in the loss. So make sure your company negotiates with confidence. I have mentioned below a few of the negotiation point that you every business should keep in their mind. 


Negotiation Point

1) It is important for you to show the real value of positive Return on Investments that your business has already made in the core software field and Non-AI products. 

2)  Do some research about competing AI vendors offer the same functions & slightly different AI features? This way you can keep your options open and negotiations fair. 

3. How to Implement AI

To get the most from AI investments business should learn where, when & how to implement their new purchases and which people within the organization should overlook the AI implementation process. 

4. How to Measure AI Performance 

Proper data management is related to optimal AI implementations.  With the right benchmarks & measurement tools in place, organizations can track the efficiency of their AI investments and ensure they will achieve the maximum value from their tools. 

First, let’s talk about how we can measure AI perform. Most of the people use ELO rating systems. There is an alternative rating system that I’ll call as Explo. Your rating is determined by exponential ELO ratings. Whether the progress in the performance has been linear or exponential so far, it seems likely to flatline within a couple of years.

5. How to Drive Adoption of AI Software

Strategic adoption strategies are very important for the success of AI implementations.  Some employee will never be in favor of to change (especially technological change), so it's up to company leadership to bridge the gap and confirm a smooth implementation process. 


AI software can deliver a real results for the organization& willingness to take the successful implementation of AI. 

6. How to use AI to Train New Employees 

Bad hiring in the company cost them both time and money simultaneously.  AI can reduce the cost by helping a new employees to learn the process quickly. With the effective training of an employee, someone can become very essential to the organization. 

3E’s those are important for every company to work with AI.

1) Education – Every employee needs to learn a lot about this technology as it evolves on a daily basis. Every business owner must show their employees how AI will benefit them in the long run.

2) Enable – The newly trained employee needs to learn how to solve AI problems. For that, they also need to know everything related to AI. They are various online courses available to enable the AI.

3) Empower - The AI products have been pay for, and new employees are already trained. So what next?  Now, there is one thing left to do. Empower the employees to think creatively and find problems that AI can fix. 



Nowadays, more companies are implementing AI-powered products. Those companies who understand what this technology can offer will rule up to the industry in the future. If you think that AI doesn’t apply to the business. Every industry will be impacted by AI. The hustle of business is always quickening, and with AI the need to pay attention has never been higher.

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